Ragnar Running Relay Races
Data Visualization Recipe (v2.0)
Data Visualization Recipe (v1.0)
Data Visualization Chart Cards
Ethnote Mobile App Persona
Design Research Data Analysis
Team Collaboration Toolkit
Community Center Gentrification
Co-Design: Designer + User
The Evolution of Designer
Human Factor(y) Assembly Line
Three Levels of Human Factors
Human-Centered Design
Design Leadership
Design Leadership Upgrade
Ethnote Use Cases Storyboard
Ethnote Use Cases Infographic
Ethnote Data Analysis
Concept Map Design
Design Leadership Pyramid
Simplex Research Process

Graphic Design

Product Release T-shirt Design
UX Research T-shirt Design
Ragnar Relay Runner's T-shirt
Hackathon T-shirt Design 1
Big Data Analytics Shirt Design
Hackathon T-shirt Design 2
Prism Analytics Stickers Design
Prism Analytics Stickers Design
Taobao UED Pixel Art Design
Dim Sum Illustration
Corporate Department Stickers
On-board Education Design