AR 3D Data Visualization Design

This is a proof-of-concept project, exploring AR based 3D interaction paradigm on traditional GUI based data visualization platforms, in order to enhance interactivity and collaboration.

Video Demo

Problem & Solution Statements

How Might We Design a More Intuitive and Interactive Data Analysis User Experience?

Access and analyze 3D integrated data visualizations via AR Technology.

Ideation Sketching

3D UI and 3D environment design require a lot of delicate thinking between the elements and interactions. I love to use sketching for diverging different ideas.

3D Modeling of UI and Data Charts

For the POC perspective, I only chose two data visualization types to model: Bar Chart and Geo-Map. Meanwhile, I also created a bunch of 3D UI elements, like icons, and controls.

AR Implementation

Like other AR projects, I uploaded my 3D models and 2D QR codes to an AR platform, and linked them together.

Final Outcome

Here're the final outcomes of the AR and 3D data visualizations.